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xiaomi cc9 pro Specification Features

So many more details of the xiaomi cc9 pro have been revealed. The CC line Pro is only coming in China, but don't worry. We now know that the xiaomi cc9 pro that is a China phone will come outside of China in both Asia and Europe as the xiaomi me note that me release details today of the entire camera setup and exactly how it works. So let's get into it. First we have the main sensor that brand new one hundred and eight megapixel camera sensor developed by Samsung that xiaomi it is literally twice as big or more as any other camera sensor used in phones right now and that will obviously affect the design and the thickness of the City Light programme also gave us some sample images of just how clear the pictures are from this one hundred and eight megapixel sensor. Let me come to the 5 times zoom camera, which we now know is not the same technology. E as you find in the P30 Pro or the upcoming Galaxy S 11 that type of technology is incredibly expensive and this is you know Pro is a budget-friendly device instead. They have used a fixed focal length lens, otherwise known as a prime lens having no Periscope zoom camera is a little bit of a problem though going from the main camera to a five times zoom camera means that usage of the camera would be rightly unintuitive. So xiaomi  have got 

Just by adding yet another camera with a fixed focal length of 50 millimeters that they're calling a traditional portrait lens. This is very good marketing from xiaomi as 50 millimeters is traditionally what's used when taking portrait shots and also gives a mid-range type of Zoom between the main wide-angle camera and the five times zoom camera, then we come onto the 117 degree wide angle camera, which has 20 Vowels, which is a good bump up for the wide angle lens and V camera. Yeah V camera in what shall be according this dispenser. Camera setup is a macro lens. So show me a giving us more zoom range in this phone not by using a periscope zoom lens, but by just giving us more cameras with different focal lengths is quite clever. If you think about it. Xiaomi also showed off the big Zoom range in this phone going from the ultra wide. 10 times hybrid Zoom the phone maxes out at 50x Zoom, but assume that to be fairly noise heavy. We got some initial live at leaks and pictures of the xiaomi 69 Pro and from these leaks. It looks like we're getting a curved display on this phone with a water drop Notch that makes this phone look very much like the way P30 probe the screen measures about six and a half inches and it uses a 32 megapixels. Axel selfie camera marketing images from xiaomi also show that they have kept the headphone jack in this phone and they've gone for a flattened off design at the bottom of the phone which again Echoes the design elements that we saw in the P30 Pro and yes, that's the 69 Pro or the amino 10 as it might be called in your Market is thicker. It does have a bigger battery is thought the xiaomi are packing a five thousand one hundred seventy million power battery into this phone. That's a really good suspect 

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