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Oppo Reno 2 Performance Review Features

So this right here is the brand-new opos reno.2 in his beautiful luminous black form and well he's going to get in the Box. Well, you obviously get this over dinner to with the screen guard applied. So that ties you can just really premium looking case which currently has This stage leather finish that I really liked. There is the USBC cable t6he woo 3.0 flash charger and these good-looking earphones geophones and the premium case are definitely nice Touches for Moco. I Like It

This is one gorgeous looking smart phone. It takes a lot of design elements from the first Oppo Reno2 and well, that's no problem because I love the design on the photo for dinner. So don't put in a 2 has a similar looking design but there is a new finish here which is classy and very striking because there's this Cool Glow effect that really caught everyone's eye. So there's all the good things from the first Trend. There's no camera bump and don't look seamless and premium this This start o dot which is here to protect the cameras. When you keep your phone on the table, you get the headphones either use the seaport a hybrid sort of dual seems a Micro SD card and the usual buttons. So we want to the front this to remain similar to the first Oppo Reno2  and well that is amazing 

Display Features Amoled

whether or not you get a 6.5 inch Dynamic AMOLED display and it looks beautiful. The display is said to be an E3 sunlight screen that brings enhance brightness even in bright out the situations, but also reducing power. Logan's option plus it is I'm let you get the amazing deep blacks and really Punchy colors and there's the fact that this is unpleasant display. The operator to has a screen to body ratio of 93.1% all thanks 

Camera Features And Styles

Here's the sharp  motorized camera is still here and it's very fast. Just look at how well it works with based on love. See I feel it a little faster than the Renault soap As Nice plus it looks unique.
Quad cameras did bring some pretty cool capabilities. But first let's get the steaks out of the way. It has a 48 million pixel primary camera at as he is as well as OS. It has an 8 megapixel Ultra wide-angle lens, which also works as a macro lens a 13-megapixel telephoto lens which brings the advanced zooming features and a 2 megapixel mono lens that brings cool ported more peaches.  of the Capitol Hill some photos from the phone and will as you can see the Forty eight megapixel camera captures nice detailed photos. Yeah, it's still early days, but I like the photos in daytime and low light on the okra no to and there's a really interesting telephoto lens using which you can capture 2 x optical zoom photos 5x hybrid Zoom photos and you can go as far as zooming 20x. Yes the open and who is capable of 20x digital Zoom, which I think is awesome.
 So yeah, it's a win. 

In Display Fingerprint Features

on the front. You also get the in display up and Scatter. The Oppo  Reno.2 is said to have a third gen GTA Optical fingerprint scanner. And as you can see it's really fast. So premium looking smartphone. No doubt about that for a part of the Great design. There are two upgrades in the operator to there's the new processor and there's the new Quad camera setup

Performance Processor Ram

well, it brings a nice upgrade from Renault the reign of two features in gaming center, Snapdragon 7:30 G processor with 8 GB RAM and 256gb ufs 2.1 storage. We've seen at the Snapdragon 7:30 is a pretty powerful process of a mid-range smartphones. And when the Snapdragon 7:30 G should be slightly better because it comes with select Snapdragon any given feature. Well, let's take a look at the So as you can see the seventh OTG scores are similar to the cemetery in attitude and better than the Snapdragon 7:30 in Gig which obviously it's a lot better than the Snapdragon 7/10 tell benchmark scores are good and then come to real world performance two things seem positive.

Gaming Performance 

the gameplay is really good and it's not just forget. I also tested other games in the Rena to like apple 9 and the performance was just top notch. Gaming and Foreman should be pretty good.

So Guy's What You Think About This Smartphone let Me Know In The Comments  See You 

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