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Galaxy S11 Finalized Setup Specification

officially begins as you know, the Galaxy S 11 series is officially in testing the S XI e there's
11 and S XI plus Phi phi's Universe. We know that the design and the internal components
of the S11 series have been finalized

Three Phones In This Series

These three Phones will feature a similar design to the S10 series. But of course a more modern design and Slimmer bezels the hole punch remains. It was a design that Samsung brought to OLED screens in 2019 as for the cameras on the back. It's going to be one of the biggest jumps in quality for a Galaxy phone in a long time. I for one am super excited to see See what they do rumors point to a bigger 16 megapixel CMOS sensor under the main camera unit. There have been rumors the Samsung might use the new one hundred and eight megapixel camera sensor in the S11 series The considering xiaomi have just implemented that in the City Line throw which is a budget device. It is extremely unlikely that Samsung will use the same sensor. That song will also be implementing a periscope Style zoom camera in a Galaxy S 11. It will greatly improve the functionality. Take of the device and bring it more in line with what we see from the P30 Pro much needed because of course what way will be releasing the P40 series with upgrading cameras at around the same time as we get the S11 series

Let's Talk About The Processor

because Max Weinberg on Twitter found a few source files in the 1ui 2.0 better software that point to a few things firstly he found some code related to beefed-up face ID technology. This would suggest that Song is going to improve on that. However, we know that they are keeping the cutout design on the S11 phone. So we won't be seeing 3D face unlocking technology like we see on the iPhone and the pixel there just isn't any space for that. So presumably the code just enhances what's already there? There are some rumors flying around that there is a possible triple front camera set up on one of the Galaxy phones presumably the S 11 plus but that is just a rumor this stage and it's not confirmed by Other leaks. Secondly, he found a reference to a chipset called the external snotty 8:30, which is strange Samsung recently announced a brand-new high-end chipset for Flagship phones. Could the exynos 990 this does not follow the naming scheme of previous Flagship exynos chip. So does this mean that the externality is not actually destined for the eleventh series? Well, the new exynos chip set features a 20% improvement from the last Flagship chipset support. For 120 hertz displays ufs 3.0 support for up the six cameras and 8K video recording lpddr4 five RAM and integrated 5G are all on this chip set. It is extremely unlikely Samsung will produce a 7 nanometre euv chip that they explicitly said. We'll go in Flagship products at the start of 2020 and then not use it in the S11 series and even further

have to produce an even Better Flagship ship said in the next few days because remember they have already started testing the S11 finds more likely it is that the naming scheme has changed or been simplified for consumers. So let's keep an eye out for changes in that situation. But of course in Qualcomm markets, you'll be getting the Snapdragon h-65

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