The Oppo K5 Mobile  and you mid-range phone from Oppo. This thing is looking really good as on with the up. Okay, five a really solid phone the little brother to the Reno Ace which was released at the same time. ABO have included a ton of specs in this phone starts off with the Snapdragon. 7:30 G. This is the upgrade to the Snapdragon 7:30. It's an overclocked version. So you're going to get slightly better performance.

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Oppo K5 Cost in Pakistan - Pakistan Model Determinations in 2019 

Cost in Pakistan 

Expected Value Rs. 48,999 

128GB Inherent, 6GB Slam or   128/256GB Implicit, 8GB Smash

4000 mAh 

182 Gram 
Show Size           6.4 Inches          
It's the quality chipset. Not just with the CPU but also the GPU and it's very good when coming to image processing as well. Although have packed a quad camera set up in this one with a 64 megapixel main sensor, maybe some of you will be possibly comparing this to the redmi Note 8 Pro real me phones and yes, it is going to be very similar to those but the differences the processor. It's a very classic Oppo design. Although on this one. They've moved the polo go to the right hand. And side but actually really like this emerald green color. They put on the phone USB

. It keeps the headphone jack and you get a mono speaker at the bottom two on the right hand side. You get the power button there and 64 mega pixel quad camera doesn't stick out too much from the back there, which is a good thing volume rockers on the left hand side with the SIM card tray. The LED screen on this one is six and a half inches. It is a definite upgrade over the previous mid-range phones from offer. When I first picked up the phone, I actually thought it was a model and not a real phone because the screen had this very matte look it reminded me a little bit of Samsung LED panels doing media flicking through social media or looking at photos on this panel is a really good
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experience will get onto the camera a little bit more in a second though, but not sure at the top has been made smaller than previous versions, even though it is an optional of top up. It means you get a Slimmer phone. I'm it's not really it's so small. It's almost irrelevant. Anyway a small Puzzle at the bottom but nothing out of the ordinary. I would say it's slightly smaller than the redmi note a pro but the known a pro is a slightly cheaper phone another great feature of this phone is they give you 30 watt fast charging on the four thousand milliamp hour battery that is a very very of the solids back and really is in line with a lot of Flagship fans. But this phone is coming in at about 1800 R&B. That's the Chinese price all the specs that you're getting in this. It's a really good price. You get the

LED display with a small Notch the four thousand milliamp hour battery 30 watt fast charging 64 mega pixel quad camera. So let's move on to that camera. Now. This is a very similar set up to what we've seen in the redmi note a pro you get the 8 megapixel ultra-wide. Then you have a dedicated macro camera and a depth sensor to so you can take a portrait shots. It goes from 1 to 2 to 5 times Zoom automatically on the little button in the middle there. Then the ultra wide mode is on a button.

Up the top a good thing about this phone that we didn't get in Oppo phones in the start of the year is video recording on the ultra wide. You can do it on this one and I'm pleased about that photos are very typically what you get from Oppo phones, which are very crisp sharp and with good colors in my opinion that's helped by the very good quality 7:30 G processor. I think for the price up. I've done a good job of packing in a lot of tech but people want the quad camera and the fast charging a fantastic at this price range. Looking at the Reno . For more of the latest Hands-On and first looks at all the latest phones, that's it for now, and I'll see you in the next one.

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